standing ovation

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enthusiastic recognition (especially one accompanied by loud applause)

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No one deserves a farewell and standing ovation more than Annie,'' he added, as the audience rose and faced Miller's casket for a last clapping tribute.
Among the other companies to receive Standing Ovation Awards this year were Sony, IBM, Compaq and Microsoft.
Recipients of Presentations Magazine's Standing Ovation Awards were chosen directly by our editorial staff and, in our opinion, represent the best products within the presentation marketplace to date," commented Julie Hill, Managing Editor, Presentations Magazine.
Presentations Magazine announced the winners of the 2001 Standing Ovation Awards in their December 2000 issue (www.
There, mourners gave Hope a standing ovation as his coffin was temporarily placed into a mausoleum vault.
The launch event, which followed weeks of anticipation by employees and a carefully orchestrated "teaser campaign," was rewarded with a standing ovation by the hundreds of employees in attendance and at the more than 100 Agilent Technologies sites around the world watching by satellite.
It was a magical moment, and I got to stand next to Buddy Ebsen while he danced to a standing ovation.
A Boston Red Sox icon, Williams was honored at last night's All Star game and threw out the first pitch to a thundering Fenway Park standing ovation.
When he left with 23 points for the final time Friday, with 2:34 to play and the Lakers up by 15, the crowd rose one last time to give him a standing ovation, a final Los Angeles tribute to his greatness.
Janisch got a standing ovation from the three judges and the audience.
But the showman that he is earned a standing ovation after nearly every song.
Getting a standing ovation, it was great," Nowitzki said via (http://www.
But boyband Collabro won a standing ovation for their version of Stars from Les Miserables.
BAHRAINI women received a standing ovation during yesterday's Shura Council session.
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