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Synonyms for standdown

a suspension and relaxation from an alert state or a state of readiness


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(military) a temporary stop of offensive military action

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In the many years I have been involved with the Safety Standdown program, the goal has been to bring safety awareness to the forefront.
Safety Standdown USA and Safety Standdown Europe are organised in partnership with the National Business Aviation Association, the European Business Aviation Association, the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board annually.
According to the New Zealand Herald, Marshall is looking at returning to the international fold with Ireland next April once his four-year standdown from New Zealand is over; but county cricket is the focus for now.
Then the words I'll carry to the other side changed: mercy, surrender, standdown, light.
4) Perhaps in response, Sadr in August 2007 ordered his militia to a 6-month standdown, but he has not reconciled with al-Hakim and his party.
After preparing for my safety standdown presentation and seeing pictures of "bad" electrical burns, I'm glad my incident didn't turn out any worse.
Notice of increased working hours disappeared, standdown and working-up time was put into working-time accounts, dressing-up and dressing-down time for certain jobs disappeared, overtime rates and sickness benefits were reduced.
Additionally, the Program Office must establish a forward resupply area, and the Platoon must establish a maintenance plan that includes AV rotation and periodic maintenance standdown days.
This was done to allow the MSB to complete its second round trip of equipment and trailers from Kuwait and to complete a maintenance standdown of Bravo Company's transportation assets.
A total standdown in tactical air activity began on August 18 and continued until August 23, perhaps because of the inclement weather in the North.
However, he said a 210-basis-point improvement due to purchasing and manufacturing efficiencies was partially offset by higher sales of closeouts and a two-week standdown of its greige goods bedding manufacturing facility.
There was a common symbol (a tricoloured wave) and intensely negotiated standdown arrangements for the single-member constituencies.
Bombardier is proud to announce that the winner of the 2016 Safety Standdown Award is the Honorable Robert L.
Specifically, we support an extended standdown period for horses who have tested positive and no provision for a therapeutic use exemption.
Corporate Citizenship: Big Brothers/Big Sisters, United Way, Chamber of Commerce, Clean-up Day, Project Homeless Connect, StandDown, Paint the Town, Resource Development Council, Bean's Cafe, Campfire USA.