standard of life

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a level of material comfort in terms of goods and services available to someone or some group

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Trees for Cities, the London-based charity, is offering the cadets an opportunity to get involved with one of their projects at Ica, in the South American country, where work is being carried out to repair the urban environment and provide a better standard of life for the city's inhabitants.
We don't need to go to Kerala to see the standard of life followed by Keralites, we can see it here in the Gulf.
I help to make sure the residents have a good standard of life and I try to keep their rooms nice.
The program would facilitate the mobilization of passengers and cargo contributing: to the reactivation of the agricultural sector, to the integration of the communities and to elevate the standard of life of the rural population by means of the rehabilitation of a portion of the tertiary road network in the rural areas, the development of new mechanisms of road maintenance and the modernization of the institutional structure of the sector.
My grandson and I became quite close to our guide, Kamau, who told us of his mother's efforts to raise the standard of life in her rural village.
By advocating high design standards for development, preservation of the Hudson-Raritan estuary, strengthening the region's mass transit system and consistency in waterfront access, HRPOCA has ensured a high standard of life is maintained for both the residents and visitors of NJ's Hudson River waterfront.
Another factor was the improvement of the standard of life in the late 19th century which enhanced the resistance to illnesses.
Monica continuously features stories to help Hispanics improve their standard of life in the United States with information such as how to obtain legal assistance and how to enroll in GED, computer, and literacy classes.
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