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Any good moments were prompted by Angel di Maria rather than Lionel Messi and the Swiss, stand-offish at the start, were launching several decent raids by the end of the half as their confidence grew.
On the porn set one actress was stand-offish and you could tell she was wary of whether we were taking the piss, but that was an exception to the rule," they shared.
com And, I promise you; in person I am not as stand-offish as I may sometimes appear in these articles.
Rousseff, a stand-offish leader who has been virtually mute in the face of the most violent protests in recent memory, faced sharp criticism in Brazil's media for what many called her lack of any leadership.
The arrival of a wealthy gentleman and his friends at a nearby mansion leads to an introduction between Elizabeth and the stand-offish Mr Darcy, to whom she takes an instant dislike.
BAD POINTS: Beca is a rather unlikeable character, even devoid of an excuse for her prickly, stand-offish behaviour.
Upon entering the cab, the passenger comes in contact with a driver that is not only stand-offish, but rude.
While Pietersen has backtracked and offered some sort of apology, the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) continue to remain rigid and stand-offish about bringing him back into the national squad.
We can't be stand-offish - but, to be honest, we've geared up for it for so long everyone wants to get stuck in now and get going," said Dunne.
I think in Ireland we have a very stand-offish view of people on telly," he says.
DOCTOR BEAMISH There once was a doctor named Beamish, Who was rather aloof and stand-offish.
The book is enlivened by the extensive collection of photographs, letters, and contemporary documents that accompany the text, helping to give readers a personal glimpse of a man who was known for being taciturn, if not outright stand-offish.
A little bit stand-offish, perhaps cold at first, slightly reserved, certainly not very welcoming.
While the Caribbean have embraced the Stanford Superseries with open arms, the English remained stand-offish.