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stand away from an object or person

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The Anglican Journal is editorially independent precisely because the church needs and wants a voice that can stand back and, sometimes, be critical.
Such a move sends a clear signal to the region's leaders: Stand back and let us get things done the old way.
We have to stand back sometimes and try to be aware of where it is leading us in our personal lives.
This is your opportunity to stand back with an objective eye and evaluate yourself the way a coach would.
Court of Appeals had reached out for the case prior to Judge Jackson's ruling it will now stand back and wait for a Supreme Court decision on whether to hear the case directly, or send it back to the USCA for further briefing and decision.
Once that's accomplished, a scientist can stand back and let the body take over.
Folk all colored from pale and yellow to midnight blue-black never just stand back and watch they gon' say it how they see it how they feel 'bout everything and then some from roaches to do-rags from daddy-do right to David Ku-Klux Duke to sisters wringing the barest budget for another meal So, here's a taste begun in a roux sauteed in lines like "trust a man as far as you can see him 'cause you know stiff stuff don't have no conscience"
We should provide as much genuine humanitarian aid as we can and then stand back and hold the jackets while the Libyans sort out their country for themselves.
They will be treated by qualified professionals (who may have to stand back a bit if you've really got a flatulent ferret).
He then grabbed the fire extinguisher, told everyone to stand back and he put it out straight away.
He then grabbed the fire extinguisher and told everyone to stand back and he put it out straight away.
We could either come close and graze the surface of a mural-size work as if it were a miniature, reading its diminutive inscriptions but forgoing our desire to grasp it whole, or we could stand back to get the overall effect, thereby missing the details of the rich graffiti.
Better stand back Here's an age attack, But the second in line Is dealing with it fine.
Simply re-cycle favourite soundalike characters such as boy Mowgli (Haley Joel Osment), bear Baloo (John Goodman) and villainous tiger Shere Khan (Tony Jay), add the odd new name like Lucky the vulture (Phil Collins), then stand back and count the cash.