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stop the flow of a liquid

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Vidic, forced to look on from the sidelines as he recovered from a cruciate ligament injury, is now ready to lead a more stanch United back into battle this campaign.
One option to stanch the flow from Spanish bank coffers, of course, is to provide some kind of credible deposit insurance to account-holders.
Anti-Assad Alawite activist, Muhammad Saleh, a 54-year-old trying to stanch the growing sectarian tension, on Dec.
JERUSALEM: The Israeli Cabinet voted unanimously Sunday to finance a $160 million program to stanch the flow of illegal African migrants by stepping up construction of a border fence and expanding a detention center to hold thousands of new arrivals.
Syrian troops are tightening their grip on villages near the Turkish border, setting up checkpoints and arresting dozens in an attempt to stanch the flow of residents fleeing into Turkey.
Sharjah's landlords have tried to stanch the outflow to other emirates, mainly Dubai, by cutting their rentals, but inherent hurdles such as power outages during the summer, the rise in utility costs and the regular traffic snarls into and out of the emirate during peak hours are taking a toll on residents' patience.
The no confidence motion has no chance of being passed as the ruling party GERB has 117 MPs out of 240, and enjoys the stanch support of the nationalist party Ataka with its 21 MPs.
Public health studies document that exchanging used syringes for new ones can effectively stanch the spread of blood-borne diseases such as AIDS, and even lead drug abusers to treatment and recovery.
To stanch the red ink, the company--involved in everything from home games to toys, toons, music and amusement facilities--plans to eliminate 630 jobs over the coming 12 months through early retirements.
Samantha Cray hadn't really wanted to die but after the phone call from across the Atlantic only blood could stanch her pain.
Adding that Sudanese youth have responsibility to help security guards to protect their stanch catholic faithful president Salva Kiir Mayardit who had been and is still veteran fighter for the rights of marginalized Sudanese.
But all those billions can't stanch the bleeding: shares of Bank of America have fallen 85 percent since the acquisition was announced, costing shareholders $250 billion.
The peoples of Europe learned this lesson too late and have been fighting a desperate rearguard action for the past decade to stanch an avalanche of oppressive EU legislation and court decisions and prevent swarms of Brussels-based bureaucrats from riding roughshod over their local and national laws and cherished traditions.
In practice, it has done little to stanch newspaper closures--15 of the original 28 JOAs have ended with just one paper left standing--and much to prevent new voices from entering markets in the first place.