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You see enough situations where fans run on a pitch and I can understand fans' excitement, but there have been enough frightening things that have happened to players that we need to stamp down on it.
Jeremy Beecham, who led the city for 17 years and is now a Labour Lord, is part of an investigation into whether the law needs to be changed to stamp down on fraud, intimidation and racism.
Norwich captain Grant Holt was lucky to escape punishment for a nasty-looking challenge on Chico Flores that saw him stamp down on the defender's shin.
QPR boss Redknapp said: "We've got to stamp down heavily on any forms of racism in sport.
Rights groups accuse Vietnam of stepping up its fight to stamp down on dissident in recent years, amid scrutiny from increasingly bold online critics.
The move came after Home Minister P Chidambaram vowed to stamp down heavily on those who carry fake Indian currency note and indulge in smuggling of drugs from across the border.
North Wales Police and community agencies are keen to stamp down on this and warned perpetrators will be prosecuted.
When is Middlesbrough Council going to stamp down on this type of behaviour?
However, the Government's own policies to stamp down on anti-social behaviour, and to help parents take better care of their children, do seem to result from similar concerns.
Mr Brown will also instruct whips to stamp down hard on opponents of legislation to allow human-animal hybrid embryos for medical research.
The Englishman also vowed to stamp down on any Tynecastle player who doesn't pull his weight for the rest of the campaign.
A spokesman said: "Through our award-winning Safer Travel initiative, we have the ability to stamp down quickly on any abuse of our Conditions of Carriage.
FWD director general Alan Toft said: "Wholesalers have a united front in urging the government to stamp down on any further erosion of the local store sector produced by superstore raiding parties.
But more important, in refusing to act Tuesday, he appeared to demonstrate his power to stamp down any effort by the regional bank presidents to mount a threat to his own authority.
We are working alongside our partners including local councillors to stamp down on this issue.