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an album for stamps

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The best part of Stamp Album is the photos of Sergeev and his family and the notes by Natalya Vinyar, which are informative and depict Russia more accurately than Sergeev who, with tongue in cheek writes about Soviet smutnoe vremya and the suffering Russian people.
And now we've got the definite collectors' book - the veritable Stanley Gibbons stamp album of its field.
The trivial becomes profound as objects take on huge emotional significance: a Persian lamb cap, a meerschaum pipe, a stamp album.
Brian Jones (inset), of Bradford, is looKing for Stephen Rattigan - to reunite him with his stamp album from his childhood days.
I have a stamp album like that from when I was a kid.
CARE: Collections should be housed in a suitable stamp album and arranged neatly - stamps placed squarely in the spaces.
Bob and Anne Whitlock, owners of Appletree Cards in Blyth, were distraught when they discovered a priceless stamp album started by Mrs Whitlock's late father, Thomas Barnett, was missing along with toys.
Held in its original hardback Mercury Stamp Album, it features 565 stamps from countries including Australia, India, USA, Germany and Italy.
Get the basic tools: a stamp album, hinges or mounts for applying the stamps, and small tongs for handling the stamps.
I though the young man, who is probably in his 50s or 60s now, may LIKE to get his stamp album BACK.
MY father has a stamp album from when he was a young boy - he's now 70.
You were considered rather strange and not very well developed if you didn't come to school with a bulging stamp album tucked under your arm and a wallet of swaps in your inside pocket.
South African-born Terry Norridge, aged 26, a graduate of Loughborough University, is drawing illustrations for a new-look stamp album and story books to introduce African animals and wildlife to children.
A keen collector himself, Mercury's stamp album was bought by the Royal Mail at auction after his death and the collection put on display to encourage young people to take up the hobby.
Whatever the future holds, the present birthday has produced one of the most fascinating pictorial histories ever compiled of the Service - an account compiled not through the camera and exhibits from the RAF Museum at Hendon, but through the pages of a stamp album.