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Synonyms for stammering

a speech impediment marked by involuntary repetitions and pauses

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This should also allow you to manage the stammering.
Back in 2010, the Indian Stammering Association had sued the makers of Golmaal 3 for mocking people who stammer.
Stammering can be hereditary, or it can be brought on by one of any number of triggers; an accident, shock, even the fright of a loud dog barking if it catches you by surprise.
Now Action for Stammering Children wants to ensure every child with a stammer can see a speech and language therapist.
Stammering can be a very lonely condition but I felt much more positive after going abroad and I'm happy to be a spokesperson for the British Stammering Association.
EVERY ERY ER word was a battle for stammering Lloyd Cottrell whose speech was so bad he could barely say his name.
Talk to your child about stammering so they know you understand.
MONDAY, October 22 is International Stammering Awareness Day.
Elaine Kelman (author), Alison Whyte (author); UNDERSTANDING STAMMERING OR STUTTERING; Jessica Kingsley Publishing (Nonfiction: Self-Help) 19.
Jennifer also praised Gareth Gates and said he helped raise awareness of stammering on TV show Pop Idol in 2001.
But Angie Allbones' wedding almost became a bit of a blur - because she had to get tipsy beforehand to avoid stammering during her vows.
Washington, Dec 12 (ANI): Colin Firth has revealed that playing the role of stammering monarch King George VI in 'The King's Speech' had put him in a 'semi-paralysis'.