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someone who speaks with involuntary pauses and repetitions

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The campaign started with the publication of a special employers' information sheet which gives advice on how employers can treat stammerers fairly.
Each of the TV six was allotted a personal coach who was a former stammerer from seven in the morning to ten at night, the students were allowed to talk to no-one but their coaches, and within 48 hours they were required to go out in public and speak to 100 people, asking the time, the way to the shops etc.
Labourer Steve Middleton was typical of the stammerers featured.
Jon-Paul Ward, left, was inspired to enrol on the course after hearing the story of TV star Gareth Gates, right, himself a stammerer
I too grew up as a chronic stammerer and I vividly recall the lack of role models.
The 19-year-old stammerer is now fully qualified to teach other people how to overcome the problem and can expect to earn up to pounds 500 a week.
There was this huge email campaign to 'vote the stammerer off'.
I was also impressed with former Pop Idol runner-up Gareth Gates as the one-time stammerer helped other people who wanted to get rid of their speech impediment (Stop My Stutter, BBC Three, Monday, 9pm).
Dr Singh, a life-long stammerer, said: "I will finish off my own King's Speech by saying that like George VI, I also found a beautiful wife called Elizabeth, who has been a real strength to me.
It wasn't to be and Colin Firth, a fine actor, was justly rewarded for his brilliant performance, as was screenwriter David Seidler, the former stammerer who followed in Colin Welland's footsteps to the podium.
At the time of going to press we don't know who, but the bookies are betting on Will and Gareth, with the cute stammerer to take the huge prize of a record contract and a guaranteered number one record.
The telephone poll showed that Gareth is way out in front with 46 per cent of callers voting for the angelic-looking stammerer.
He said: "It used to drive me mad that whenever you saw a stammerer on telly or on film, it would be for comedy.
It's already received a thumbs-up from 29-year-old stammerer Jonathon Bell, of Harborne, who watched a preview last month.
Hello, my name is Brian O'Neil and I'm a recovering stammerer.