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the male reproductive organ of a flower

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Furthermore, similarity analysis (SA), hierarchical clustering analysis (HCA) and principal components analysis (PCA) were successfully applied to demonstrate the variability of the 11 flavonoids in the 14 batches of Nelumbinis stamen collected from different localities.
Tessmannianthus flowers are also unusual in that they are extremely heterantherous, with the small set of stamens bifurcating at the apex into two distinct pores whereas the large stamens have a single pore.
Floral morphology, phases, rewards, attractants, visitors, pollen, reproductive system, P/O ratio, OCI and ISI indexes of enantiostylous Senna corymbosa were analyzed for morphological androecial differentiation and possible related functional differences between stamens groups.
Stamen suggests a foundational flexibility, integrating stamen's connotation of firm or sure footing (literally, "a standing") with its concurrent notion of thread.
Stamen has a long and distinguished career in the software industry, which most recently included his role as CEO of Syncra Systems, a leading company in the supply chain collaboration space.
For Watson and Dallwitz (1992-), a staminode is a sterile stamen, or a modified structure identifiable as such, borne in the androecial region of the flower.
For example, alfalfa blossoms' unusual arrangement of petals and stamen can be fatal to honeybees.
Gazelle Systems, the leading provider of customer relationship management (CRM) software for the restaurant industry, announces the appointment of Jeffrey Stamen, CEO of Syncra Systems, a leading provider of business-to-business supply chain collaboration solutions, to its Board of Directors.
Stamen joins a management team of recognized supply chain and industry leaders to deliver technologies that synchronize business practices across multiple functions and organizations.
Stamen said that IRI Software, which will remain with Information Resources, Inc.
IRI and Oracle had been working together as part of a standard remarketing agreement,'' said Jeffrey Stamen, the president of IRI Software who will head Oracle's new OLAP Products Division.
caeruleum, which grows to around 60cm (92ft) tall, producing soft blue flowers with bright yellow stamens, and self-seeds freely.
All have prominent stamens and many have beautifully speckled petals.