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Synonyms for stalwartness

the property of being strong and resolute


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Yellow (gold) symbolizes greatness, nobility and honor; red, courage and steadfastness; and black, leadership and stalwartness (Z.
The redundancy of powerful women and the appropriation of male garments reminds audiences that women have contributed to the building and preservation of civilization and that their power cannot be justifiably attributed to the sexual magnetism of the temptress, the frenzy of the hysteric, or the infantile energy of the child-woman; instead, it arises from virtues that are typically designated as "manly": courage, fortitude, grit, nobility, prudence, resoluteness, stalwartness, temperance, valor, and vision.
The dazzling stalwartness of their playing made sweet the overly long and hyperbolic thrust of the music.
Fidelity, honesty, liberty, courage, stalwartness, justice, charity, chastity--these are the virtues commonly associated with the republic's female embodiments.
Grilled about stalking an ex-boyfriend in the Internet and visiting nail salons with her daughter, Pollitt responded, "Just because you are part of a social-justice movement, which is how I think of feminism, that doesn't mean you are some brick wall of impermeable stalwartness in every area.
In all respects he sustained his position with admirable stalwartness.