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(of livestock) kept and fed in a stall in order to fatten for the market

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Contrary to EAgoats, dairy goats can be partly stall-fed and still give more products of economic value.
The probable associated risk factors may include: (a) increased prevalence of the questing stages of insects on the host or in the microclimate (shed) (Soulsby, 1982), (b) stress of the confinement in the stall-fed system associated with the hormonal (progesterone) imbalance leading to higher insect infestation (Lloyd, 1983), (c) lack of host capacity to gad (in order to avoid insect attack) in tethered animals which increases the success rate of insects parasitizing hosts (Radon et al.
Post-parturient laminitis existed in the stall-fed dairy cows of Guwahati, in chronic form and signs of laminitis did not reduce unless and until primary causes were corrected.
Our major livestock production systems are grazing, stall-fed and grazing-cum-stall-fed based.
There is less chance of disease spreading among animals in the kingdom as most animals here are stall-fed.
Cows often are stall-fed with crop residues or grass gathered daily and brought to them.
In extreme winter, all animals (including yaks and horses) may be penned and stall-fed.
In the event of very heavy snowfall, adult yaks and horses are also brought back to the villages and stall-fed.
It also has initiatives to revive traditional arts and crafts and introduce stall-fed cattle, with the aim of reducing the impacts of grazing
A significant improvement in weight gain was observed due to feeding of ammoniated wheat straw under stall-fed condition (Misra et al.