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Armed once more with the lady's opera-glass (I borrowed it and kept it without scruple), I alone, of all that vast audience, turned my back on the stage, and riveted my attention on the gallery stalls.
Some latecomers took their seats in the stalls, and the curtain rose.
As soon as it rose everyone in the boxes and stalls became silent, and all the men, old and young, in uniform and evening dress, and all the women with gems on their bare flesh, turned their whole attention with eager curiosity to the stage.
ISLAMABAD -- Women stall-holders here at H-9 weekly bazaar Saturday demanded to allot large size shops to them, as they were running their business in small stalls to earn for their family members.
One such stall at the LIBF is 'Siddiqqi Rare Antique Books' in the farthest left corner of the centre.
The FAA's Airplane Flying Handbook (FAA-H-8083-3A) includes the following discussion of accelerated stalls: "At the same gross weight, airplane configuration, and power setting, a given airplane will consistently stall at the same indicated airspeed if no acceleration is involved.
The stalls included the student affairs stall, administration stall, books stall and stall for the studio photograph etc.
Among other activities will be ceramic painting, a LEGO stall and a henna designing stall, while a vibrant cultural stage performance by TNG students will be the highlight of the evening.
Tiruchchirappalli Railway station A% Category station PF-1 (Existing location of Catering & Bakery Stall S-2) - Caterinq Stall - S2,Tiruchchirappaiii Railway station "A" Category station PF-I (Existing location of Catering & Bakery Stall S-3) - Catering Stall - S3, Vridhachalam Railway station S% Category station (Existing location of NVLR) at PF.
Are any foodservice operators using the street stall or kiosk format to expand into other semi-captive locations or to reach a broader audience?
The new Kirkby Market is fully covered, and each stall enjoys an internal floor space of approximately 9 square metres.
A POPULAR fruit and vegetable stall will return to the traditional site in Cardiff it has occupied for nearly 40 years.
You're on approach with a big load of ice, you are not far above the stall speed due to both the approach speed and the increased stall speed and you have a tail stall and pitch up and reduce power?
com)-- Action Target announced Monday that it has released a new stall design for indoor shooting ranges.