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Synonyms for stalker

someone who walks with long stiff strides

someone who stalks game

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someone who prowls or sneaks about

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Blood trickled from the right eye of Stalker as the pair slugged it out in the final round but it was Dodd who was ruled a clear winner.
The stalker had also posted notes through Tulisa's letterbox overnight on Tuesday.
Stalker Chevrolet is proud to serve the Creston, Iowa area.
An attorney often can maintain privacy of communications regarding the stalker via the attorney-client and attorney-work product privileges, which may help during legal proceedings.
Just barely escaping a shower of bullets from the guards protecting it, Stalker, Writer, and Professor enter the Zone and everything turns to an Oz-like color, only so vibrant because the place they came from is its total opposite.
Nine years later, Stalker has won a World Championship bronze, European Championship gold, two European silvers and a gold at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, and he is 5-1 for gold in London.
Matt Stalker & Fables are a chamber folk ensemble who have previously drawn comparison with the likes of Jeff Buckley and Bon Iver - not undeservedly.
Her comments come as a Sunday Mirror investigation reveals that 120,000 people - mainly women - are stalked every year, but 95 per cent of stalkers escape justice altogether.
The standard of competition will be 10 times harder in two years' time and Stalker is not about to carried away by his Delhi gold.
Hosted by former deputy chief constable John Stalker, the programme showed the scene of the crime for the first time, including cups of tea that were left untouched as the victims were taken into a bedroom.
Use a library computer, which a stalker will not be able to track.
Michael Douglas' stalker, Dawnette Knight, threatened to cut up the actor's wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and feed her to her dogs, while Uma Thurman describes her experience with stalker Jack Jordan, as a nightmare.
I worked for one actor whose stalker became so threatening that he and his family had to move and buy new cars to evade him.
Many researchers recognize the importance of the type of relationship between stalker and victim.
TERRIFIED glamour girl Danielle Lloyd has called in cops after a crazed female stalker has made her life hell.