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having or growing on or from a peduncle or stalk

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With the advent of social media, there are more opportunities for people to be harassed and stalked Det Chief Insp Helen Barker
Back in February, the ECHO revealed how figures for the first half of the 2015/16 financial year suggested you were more likely to be stalked on Merseyside than anywhere else.
I have stalked across open hillsides in direct sight of deer and have not been seen--because I was moving so slowly the deer did not notice my movement.
Up to 700,000 women in England and Wales are stalked each year.
These societies were hunter-gatherers: Just as they stalked animals for their energy, we have been taught to stalk the voice in the mind for its energy.
Stalking victims report numerous, severe, life-changing effects from being stalked, including physical, social, and psychological harm.
Last year alone, 142 people in Wales contacted the nation's four police forces concerned they were being stalked, with 46 alleged offenders being charged.
In an analysis of 230 stalkers, more than 1 in 3 with a high SRP score went on to stalk the same victim again, while fewer than 1 in 10 with a low SRP score stalked again, research presented at the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law annual meeting showed.
3 million people in the United States over the age of eighteen are stalked in a year.
Washington, Oct 14 ( ANI ): A new study has revealed that women, who are the victims of stalking, are two to three times more likely to suffer from psychological distress than those who have never been stalked.
Officers are urging people to get in touch if they are being stalked or harassed - including online stalking.
Claire Waxman, 36, from North London suffered the pain of being stalked for nine years by TV producer Elliot Fogel, 37, who was jailed for two years at Inner London Crown Court for breaching a restraining order for a third time.
Priyadarshini Matoo was stalked for a long time before being raped and killed by Santosh Singh.
Significant research has been conducted on college campuses assessing the prevalence and characteristics of students who are stalked by fellow students (Fisher, Cullen, & Turner 2002).