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Outside of the movie theatre context, even habitual movie popcorn eaters ate much less stale popcorn than fresh popcorn, demonstrating the extent to which environmental cues can trigger automatic eating behaviour.
We did interview Terry but our number one choice was Stale and we are looking forward next season to start the fightback.
Fisher, a creative identity consultant, surveys the graphic image and identity-transformations of 50 companies, briefly discussing the crisis that occurs with a stale identity and the need for a logo, letterhead, or website that reflects the changes occurring within a company.
Zoo animals get the best and freshest food, a change from times past, when animals got cast-off and stale food.
Many brewers attribute stale, cardboard flavor to trans-2-nonenal.
In a faraway land and a time when the people's faith is running cold, a widow begs stale bread in return for offering her participation in the Mass for the royal wedding of the king and queen.
While most people hanker after the fresh 'new car smell', the reality is that the vast majority of the 27 million cars on the road are more likely to reek of fish, vomit and stale milk - made even worse with the hot weather 'enhancing' any decomposing food lurking under the driver's seat.
For nearly three in four motorists admit their vehicle pongs, with fish, vomit and stale milk the worst smells.
What she does say is as stale as yesterday's lunch.
VCRs have become old and stale, and their prices have been plummeting amid competition from Korea, Taiwan and China.
By focusing on the development of the brain rather than culture and curriculum, progressives have squandered untold resources on unfruitful developmental research and theory, on stale positivism.
The new development, honoring the community's Stale Senator, will consist of 74 affordable apartments in two buildings, five- and six-stories high, to be constructed on a vacant city-owned lot at 1652 Park Avenue and East 117th Street.
Hamburg Stale Opera House Hamburg, Germany June 22, 2003
This year's exhibition, striving for fresh commentary beyond new media's now stale novelty, is "more focused to appeal to the general public," Rhee says.