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a cylinder of calcium carbonate hanging from the roof of a limestone cave

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Firstly the 'Boat Bar' that featured a 20ft oak model of a Roman Bireme (ancient ship) on the front of the bar, the 'Shell Lounge' that had a 10ft aquarium filled with tropical fish, and the 'Mermaid's Cavern' that was a fully equipped concert room with stalactites made of gold fibre hanging from the ceiling, two walls decorated with murals of mermaids and a huge glass floor to ceiling bay window across the front of the pub.
ESCORTED HOLIDAY BIRMINGHAM Birmingham 8 days from PS869 Walking - in Crete - No Single Supplement Flying Direct from Birmingham Departs May 26 & Sep 29 2015 The scenic Kounavi gorge, the open-air museum at Lychnostatis, wine tasting near Archanes, the amazing stalactite galleries in the Sfendoni Cave - these are just a few of the highlights for you to enjoy.
The two giant underground vaults attract around 400,000 visitors each year and are laden with an awe-inspiring display of stalactite and stalagmite formations.
Carved on a stalactite in a high marine cave that opens to the Caribbean Sea, these ideograms are associated to the Taino culture.
Then see the stalactite cavern in Gough's Cave where the Cheddar Man - Britain's oldest skeleton, dating from 7,150BC - was unearthed.
Go au naturel with a stalactite of a necklace in jagged rock crystal ($325 at Kelietza, 602 S.
This snowball my fist forms is a doorknob I turn/And walk into a stalactite cathedral.
Stalactite A mineral deposit, usually of calcium carbonate, which forms on the ceiling of a cave like an icicle, usually from dripping water
Cathedral-sized underground chambers contain up to 10,000 different stalactite formations.
REAL stone floors, walls and ceilings,cold and colder running water and stalactite bannisters are just a few of the unique selling points of this property.
It was the first militant attack since the annual monthlong pilgrimage began over a week ago to the icy mountain cave of Amarnath, where tens of thousands of Hindu pilgrims go to pray before a stalactite formation believed to be the Hindu god of destruction.
Take a look at these cone-like formations, And remember, wherever they're found, A stalactite drips down from the ceiling; A stalagmite grows up from the ground.
When a stalactite and stalagmite meet together, they form a column.
Divers can go down 130 feet and examine the stalagmite and stalactite formations.