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surveillance of some place or some person by the police (as in anticipation of a crime)

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Residents of Jogoo Road estate in Nairobi's Eastlands are talking about one of the best police stakeouts, culminating in the gunning down of three gangsters on Friday.
Murtaugh] explains to Riggs that they were on a stakeout late one night, they were in the car together, and 'Dancing in September' came on the radio.
Med shot, New Zealand's and Spain's ambassadors at the stakeout
Cirillo shot mainly PPC during the rime be was on the Stakeout Unit, but: later became a big fan of IPSC, and had become a fan of IDPA as well before his untimely death in a traffic accident.
8220;WorkStudio, with its market leading stakeout field design and vegetation management capabilities, represents the unifying system technology that our customers have been asking for,” said GeoDigital President and CEO Alastair N.
He was addressing a joint stakeout with Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar when he shared the viewpoint of meeting of minds to better understand each other.
Melbourne, Apr 17 (ANI): In a new tell-all book about her string of prominent lovers, legendary actress Shirley MacLaine has revealed that former Australian Foreign Minister Andrew Peacock, nearly "climbed the sky" during a UFO stakeout in Mexico.
The SiteMaster series is said to be a design, surface modeling and construction software suite designed to provide users start-to-finish control of critical data flow from data collection, survey data analysis, engineering design, surface modeling, and design stakeout to as-built surveys.
WITHOUT a pushpole, you'll need to toss out a light mushroom or Dan-forth anchor, or use a stakeout pole such as the Cajun Anchor, which is heavy enough to be thrust into soft bottom for tying off.
The police had virtually no evidence but managed to catch the killer solely on the basis of criminal profiling after FBI agent Gregg McCrary predicted the killer would revisit his victims, prompting a stakeout of the Genesee River.
Leica PowerDigger 3D software offers direct support for popular 3D design models (CAD)--meaning no interpretation of drawings and no need for stakeout.
Meanwhile, Dark Eyes, Stakeout, Spearmint Six and Steve Harvey are among the acts helping a Midland music store's birthday celebrations go with a bang tomorrow.
This was enough to send The State's Gina Smith there for something of a stakeout and sure enough she spotted the governor returning from somewhere.
The Sudanese official was waiting outside the council and when Ocampo came out walking to microphone he jumped to talk, an journalist at the press stakeout told Sudan Tribune today.
The stakeout, in just one day, caught over 50 tycoons who "ignored global warming to ensure their gas-guzzlers were waiting by the exit.