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a vertical well around which there is a stairway

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Such invitations to tender the cleaning of stairwells in the property of GEWOFAG Wohnen GmbH and GEWOFAG Land mbH in the territory of MZ 04 Neuhausen (Lot 1) and the MZ 05 Riem / Taufkirchen (Lot 2).
Officers want to speak to a dark-haired woman carrying books who was seen entering the landing just before the attack and a man with dark hair and wearing a dark suit who was on the stairwell shortly afterwards.
We are keen to hear from two women who were in the same stairwell around the second floor prior to the incident.
She says training on a typical day involves a couple of sessions of running up the stairwell and moving down by an elevator to avoid stressing the knee joints.
A number of authors have studied stack effect of stairwell or shaft in building spaces in the last decades (Zukoski 1995; Cooper 1998; Zhang et al.
But Sheriff Department deputies failed to look in all the stairwells.
She was found in the locked stairwell by a member of the hospital's engineering staff during a routine check 17 days after she vanished.
The smoke control plan studied here expands on the concept of stairwell pressurization by supplementing it with floor pressurization to create an integrated and more far-reaching smoke control plan.
In addition, the main stairwell does not exit on to a public highway and any pumping out would need to pass through the shopping centre, which is privately owned.
By pairing reminders along with the new look and feel of the stairwell, employees and visitors now use the stairs more often.
Earlier this year, poems were placed at each landing in the Overpark's north stairwell, and next year snippets of plays are to be added in the west stairwell.
WORKS to repair a skylight over the central stairwell in a town's multi-storey car park will be start on Monday - meanwhile shoppers are being urged to take care.
Scenes-of-crime officers were seen on site and police sealed off an alley leading to a stairwell behind the home.
Leaving the systems separate meant we now had a layered story: there is the light show; the stairwell lighting; and how they interconnect for the people using the stairway," says lighting designer Kyle Pearson, KGP Design, Omaha.
Summary: A teenager found stabbed to death in the stairwell of a block of flats has been named as Adam Pervaiz.