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(histology) the use of a dye to color specimens for microscopic study

the act of spotting or staining something

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Creating a beautiful patio isn't for the rich anymore; upgrading aesthetics with concrete staining has become more attainable to a broader base of homeowners.
Dako's newly released white paper shows that Dynamic Gap staining supports consistent, reproducible immunohistochemical (IHC) staining with no observed common artifacts, a major breakthrough for pathology labs worldwide.
The Gram Staining kit is the newest addition to the Ventana product offerings on the highly successful, fully automated BenchMark Special Stains platform launched in mid-2012.
11,12) The nuclear-staining pattern of basal cell nuclei of benign glands by p63, and the cytoplasmic staining pattern of P504S, in prostatic carcinoma makes the use of a single-color P504S/p63 cocktail stain possible.
The staining of wood with solvent-borne stains is an important part of the finishing of furniture, and in 2009 over 2.
Immunohistochemical staining can assist in making a diagnosis of PLGA, as 90% of cells stain positively with S-100 protein and epithelial membrane antigen (EMA).
Additional investigation into the staining properties of Brucella spp.
Rubber chemicals offered by Bayer include: Cohedur bonding agents; Renacit peptizing agents; Vulkacit sulfenamide, dithiocarbamate, guanidine, mercapto, amine and thiuram accelerators; Vulkalent vulcanization retarders; Vulkanol synthetic plasticizers; Vulkanox staining antioxidants with antiozonant effects, staining antioxidants without antiozonant effects and non-staining antioxidants; Vulkasil vulcanization activators/fillers; Vulkazon non-staining antiozonants; and zinc oxide vulcanization activators/fillers.
Gitta Killian, a Granada Hills homeowner, said after several years of staining her redwood deck to restore its natural shade, her husband, Kenneth, painted it white.
The most appreciable staining was noted in the developing nervous system, with the highest levels of TUNEL staining observed in early neural plate--stage embrvos (stage 16-17), followed by a decline during late neural plate stages, and a subsequent resurgence of apoptosis in later tadpole stages (stages 26-35; embryos not examined at later stages) (Hensey and Gautier 1998).
Corneal staining gets its name from the orange-yellow fluorescein dye used to "stain" the surface of the cornea temporarily.
For further information about Banknote Watch, which is a partnership between the manufacturers or installers of cash staining systems, the police and government, ring 020 72030 3729 or the watch's visit web site at www.
When Ruscha uses staining to make a text, the referential gaming really gets going.
Kedersha turned to negative staining, a microscopy method as simple as it is messy.
The fabric is highly resistant to both staining and bacterial growth.