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Synonyms for staid

Synonyms for staid

full of or marked by dignity and seriousness

Synonyms for staid

characterized by dignity and propriety


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I should not have had to follow her if she had staid.
Staid, statistical articles were published, proving that he had made his start by robbing poor miners of their claims, and that the capstone to his fortune had been put in place by his treacherous violation of faith with the Guggenhammers in the deal on Ophir.
Nor yet staid the terror there: Infernal ghosts and hellish furies round Environed thee; some howled, some yelled, some shrieked, Some bent at thee their fiery darts, while thou Sat'st unappalled in calm and sinless peace.
He had "a way with him"--revealed even in the manner with which he caught staid Aunt Janet in his arms, swung her matronly form around as though she had been a slim schoolgirl, and kissed her rosy cheek.
The day now began to send forth its first streams of light, when Jones made an apology to the stranger for having staid so long, and perhaps detained him from his rest.
This, the old lady carried into the house with a staid and stately air, and the old gentleman (who had a club-foot) followed close upon her.
Summary: A usually staid weekly Papal audience has been spiced up this week with an acrobatic performance by a troupe of topless men.
However, the staid images feel at odds with your vibrant content.
The Ice Dogs (6-17-1) jumped to an early lead as sophomore forward Sean Staid scored the first two goals and assisted on the third in the first period.
Performances here are very staid indeed, until they veer over the top.
Troupe draws his inspiration from such diverse elements as art, music, literature, politics, and even sports in verse that is free from cliched rhetoric and staid constructions, infusing his images with energy, vibrancy, and lyrical phrasing.
Who says that breakfast has to be staid, traditional and the same every day?
Ahmadinejad to the session touched off a rare outcry of protest in an organization whose meetings are usually as staid as the portraits of long-forgotten diplomats on its walls," observed the New York Times.
Living the Good Life on God's Good Earth" is not the comfort literature of staid Bible study groups; it is instead a challenge to redefine and rediscover what it means to live according to the highest, earth and life sustaining principles.
With New York's best-loved lions, Patience and Fortitude, keeping their usual staid vigil in front of the Public Library, more than 150 partygoers cut loose on a balmy late-June evening directly behind it in Bryant Park, as guests of The Judicial Title Insurance Agency.