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  • verb

Synonyms for stagnate



  • fester
  • become stale
  • become stagnant
  • become trapped
  • putrefy
  • stop flowing
  • become foul

Synonyms for stagnate

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8 growth for 2012, but later said that the GDP would stagnate.
And against the backdrop of the escalating eurozone crisis and ongoing fiscal squeeze, we still expect the economy at best to stagnate next year.
Meanwhile, with no reforms, Europe would stagnate, with the average output
But wealthy consumers who regularly invest money in shares were less confident, with only 44% expecting house prices to continue rising, while 48% think they will stagnate or fall.
To do otherwise is to stagnate, to fall behind and, ultimately, to die.
Why is it that some executives ascend to power and triumph while others stagnate in the middle?
The feed to the calender must also assure that the rubber bank does not have areas that stagnate.
Without turbulence living systems stagnate, losing their ability to adapt and ultimately to survive.
It had several discontinuous areas in the flow path where material could stagnate, and it did not seal efficiently when processing high-temperature polymers.
These policies cause the growth and development of small businesses and major industries to stagnate.
Around 62 per cent of people said they thought the property market would continue to rise in value, with just 21 per cent of people predicting it would stagnate, fall in value or even crash, according to the Association of Investment Companies (AIC).
Do not allow water to stagnate in old tires, flowerpots, trash, swimming pools, birdbaths or pet bowls.
As governments clutch precious petroleum, economies stagnate, direct foreign investment drops, and state-run oil companies burn through capital.