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Stagnancy is never a good trait for a government to base its platforms on.
The essential problem is economic more than political, so the new government should not be confused by what is being said about the country's economy having collapsed; it is not collapsed but it had only some stagnancy.
The mill has a daily release permit for 40 million gallons of treated wastewater, Simrall said, and the river's stagnancy has forced it to reduce its discharge to 28 million as well as curtail production by one third.
May be a reason is Iranian state policy to decrease the price of billet but surely main reason of billet decreasing price was market stagnancy and silent trend.
Despite the stagnancy in the first period of the crisis in 2008, this did not last long and there was not a serious stagnancy in efficient energy investments," Eroglu said.
Prestige Country property has been selling again, a welcome change from the doldrums and stagnancy of last year.
Liu pointed out that the annual growth of Taiwan's consumer price index was lower than that of economic growth over the last 10-plus years, due mainly to the stagnancy in monthly pay of employees.
Gamal Essam El-Din wrote that the British weekly had "pounded on the by now familiar themes concerning the thorny issue of succession and Egypt's perceived political stagnancy.
Japan has received advice on what it should do to improve its economy and reverse its stagnancy, and so far Japan has largely been hesitant to take the advice it's been given,'' he said.
Among specific topics are the environmental Kuznets curve, foreign direct investment and environmental policies, water and agriculture, the stagnancy of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions, and energy supply-side and demand-side effects.
And it is here that lack of historical consciousness would cause stagnancy to Pakistani society if, sooner rather than later, a comprehensive awareness programme were not initiated.
For instance, they deny the domestic Arab-Islamic factors that led to this decline or stagnancy before the Western military and cultural invasion.
Archaeology in Bihar, with its great Buddhist heritage explored by Cunningham and many others in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, provokes 'dismay at the stagnancy that has come up in the last few decades', according to the Patna-based archaeologist Bijoy Choudhary.
The character who perhaps best represents this temporal stagnancy is Angustias.
Typically part of a period of summer stagnancy for real estate deals, the month of July instead showed an uptick in leasing.