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Synonyms for staginess

showy mannerisms and behavior

Synonyms for staginess

an artificial and mannered quality

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Does the staginess and overwrought spectacle undermine the otherwise pious and uplifting view of Poland's political destiny in Europe and its cultural position in Western civilization?
Hill read in a clear, supple, beautifully modulated voice, as disciplined as any actor's, but without the least staginess.
61) Highly critical of its staginess and lack of cinematic sensibilities, Frazier concludes, "The film .
Broadhurst writes, for instance,</p> <pre> Greenaway's films, in flaunting their esotericism and relishing their overt staginess, divide audiences.
A sometime solo playwright and for 29 years the manager of London's Drury Lane Theatre, Garrick made his greatest mark as an actor whose mercurial performance style exploded the tradition of declamatory staginess favored by his forbears.
In the process, Strychacz helps us to recognize vital but often overlooked qualities in Hemingway's style--its staginess, playfulness, hesitancy, and indeterminacy.
Music]" (98)--a hysterial therapy--merely accentuates the staginess of the play-within-play.
In a Baltimore Sun essay, he confesses: "Never in my life had I talked to myself for hours as I did that day, and though I was self-conscious of the moment's staginess, I had to talk through the decision that I'd climbed the mountain to make.
The splitscreen technique fails to gloss over the soft-porn fantasy inherent in Brown's premise or the staginess of the writing.
The current proscription of habit-like dress is only the outermost sign of enforced role-playing of femininity (10)--and Offred comments frequently on the staginess of social behavior.
The overplayed staginess of The Cardsharps (Art Museum, Fort Worth) was no doubt intended for comic effect, since laughter is incompatible with emotions such as scorn for rogues or pity for their gulls.
Since Wilder's time there have been plenty of experiments in eliminating the kind of staginess he thought interfered with reality and undermined belief.
If it is the "theatricality" of Cukor's static sequence shots which critics have underlined, this amounts to "theatricality" in a negative sense: staginess, positioning the spectator and actors in a fixed, proscenium-like position.
As for Disraeli's inherent theatricality, even staginess, this is brought out by all the chapter titles, beginning with `The Theatre of Life' and concluding with `Top of the Bill'.
Rather, they seem a blend of Tomi dePaolo's pastel palette and simplified theatrical staginess with the Cubist's fracturing of objects in the picture frame.