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Synonyms for staginess

showy mannerisms and behavior

Synonyms for staginess

an artificial and mannered quality

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Duncan is clear, however, that Scott at least was well aware of the staginess of what he was doing: "assembling a gaudily up-to-date national spectacle that relied on the availability of sovereignty--its mystic link with the past decisively broken--as a sign among other signs that gathered its meaning in public circulation and consumption" (4).
While other centers have, informally, videotaped bits of sessions (such as dealing with a recalcitrant client, coping with the crying student, or helping a student write a literary analysis), these short segments often have a whiff of staginess and do not capture a complete tutorial with its false starts and reversals and peaks and valleys and hesitations.
With her static camera, director and co-writer Tamar Simon Hoffs has done little to move it out of its staginess.
The photographers are more aggressive in their imagery and its meaning: Yu Hang's traditional women have a brittle staginess to them and Wang Ningde's black-and-whites add a tinge of the dream to essentially naturalist "captures.
Unlike his earlier portraits at Lake Tyers, Caire's Coranderrk images are notable for their staginess and ersatz representations of traditional culture.
Hill read in a clear, supple, beautifully modulated voice, as disciplined as any actor's, but without the least staginess.
61) Highly critical of its staginess and lack of cinematic sensibilities, Frazier concludes, "The film .
Music]" (98)--a hysterial therapy--merely accentuates the staginess of the play-within-play.
The splitscreen technique fails to gloss over the soft-porn fantasy inherent in Brown's premise or the staginess of the writing.
The overplayed staginess of The Cardsharps (Art Museum, Fort Worth) was no doubt intended for comic effect, since laughter is incompatible with emotions such as scorn for rogues or pity for their gulls.
If it is the "theatricality" of Cukor's static sequence shots which critics have underlined, this amounts to "theatricality" in a negative sense: staginess, positioning the spectator and actors in a fixed, proscenium-like position.
Rather, they seem a blend of Tomi dePaolo's pastel palette and simplified theatrical staginess with the Cubist's fracturing of objects in the picture frame.