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a large heavy hound formerly used in hunting stags and other large game

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Just as the lower-class members of London were often homogenized and animalized in nineteenth-century discourses drawing on evolutionary language, so too the British sailors of Moreau are treated as a monolithic group and identified closely with grisly staghounds.
Sir Paul bought the 87-acre pine wood with his late wife, Linda McCartney, in 1991, to protect the wild deer by providing an area where the staghounds could not enter.
Earlier this year the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) confirmed the case was the Srst brought by the state for hunting foxes, although the Devon and Somerset Staghounds are being prosecuted by police in connection with stag hunting.
On the way home we met the chap who hunts the staghounds in the park.
In the villages around Dunkirk German rearguards took a heavy toll of the armoured cars ahead of the Canadian advance, holding their fire until the leading Staghounds rode cautiously into the narrow streets, then engaging them at point-blank range with panzerfausts.
Jim Old sent out Something Dandy to land his second prize in eight days after Barry Fenton steered the gelding to a three lengths verdict from Vincent Van Gogh in the Quantock Staghounds Handicap Chase.
Ernie Bawden, perhaps the greatest of all in the long list of fine Huntsmen of the Devon and Somerset Staghounds, foresaw the situation even before the Second World War; 'We'll have a problem with they, one of these days' he is reported to have said on seeing twenty cars arriving at one meet.
As French hunt master Monique de Rothschild (an aristocrat herself, albeit an impoverished one) told me one day, while hunting with her staghounds in the Foret de Compiegne, near Paris: "Most French people don't hunt, but they like to know that they could if they wanted to -- it's the freedom of choice that's important.
Rachel Leyshon riding 20-1 chance Shake The Bottle landed the ladies' open race at the Tiverton Staghounds point-to-point on Sunday beating Charlotte Prichard on Respectuex.
Married father-of-two Norrish said they had a 15-minute romp in complete silence in the reclined front passenger seat after he had left the Tiverton Staghounds ball in Devon last July at 3am.
He's enjoying his retirement hunting with the Devon and Somerset Staghounds," said trainer Philip Hobbs of the 14-year-old, who won six times.
In fact, during 2007, only three people connected to organised hunts (the Quantock Staghounds, Somerset and the Flint and Denbigh Foxhounds, North Wales) have been involved in prosecutions relating to the Hunting Act.
WE went hunting twice last week - once with the Staghounds and once in a determined assault against the local fox, which did not work because we never found him - the local fox, that is.