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arrangement of scenery and properties to represent the place where a play or movie is enacted

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Here she makes an important contribution by placing Lotman's literary analysis in its visual context, showing how the nobleman used his country house, its park, and its grounds as numerous stage settings on which he could act out stylized European models of noble behavior: the English country gentlemen with his horses and dogs, the enlightened ruler of his small kingdom, or the Byronic exile from court life.
Parade floats and stage settings produced for the January 20 inauguration of President George W.
Cesare Molinari's article on "The Empty Stage" (53-66) sketches in very broad strokes the development of the actual stage set from fifteenth-century multiple stage settings (mansions) to sixteenth-century single staging.
In his recent large, hand-tinted photographs, he appears as a proper bourgeois, dressed immaculately in suit, tie, and white shirt, in a variety of deceptively plain stage settings of weirdly improbable worlds: a shack in the woods; a kind of foxhole; a wide, uninhabited landscape.
He refers to his work as humor scenes or stage settings.