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Synonyms for stage

Synonyms for stage

a raised platform on which theatrical performances are given

the art and occupation of an actor

a temporary framework with a floor, used by workmen

the place where an action or event occurs

one of the units in a course, as on an ascending or descending scale

an interval regarded as a distinct evolutionary or developmental unit


to produce on the stage

to organize and carry out (an activity)


Synonyms for stage

the theater as a profession (usually 'the stage')

a large coach-and-four formerly used to carry passengers and mail on regular routes between towns

a section or portion of a journey or course

any scene regarded as a setting for exhibiting or doing something

Related Words

a small platform on a microscope where the specimen is mounted for examination

Related Words

perform (a play), especially on a stage

plan, organize, and carry out (an event)

References in classic literature ?
So the real rain was turned on and began to descend in gossamer lances to the mimic flower-beds and gravel walks of the stage.
It's so slippery and shiny down here, and the stage is so much too big for me, that I rattle round in it till I'm 'most black and blue.
Marrable portentously approached the stage, with an open letter in her hand.
Here and there, stages had been erected for the play at quarter-staff, a highly popular sport.
But it was equally clear that he did not feel entirely at his ease, standing all alone on the stage, with no costume to disguise him: and though he began, several times,
The popular taste was not only there directed towards the stage, but it was a district [75] wherein many actors dwelt, and consequently died.
Yes, and there's rough stuff no end pulled off on the stage right before the audience's eyes.
In a moment Peggy was on the stage again, and Alexander applauded vigorously with the rest.
When she broke into the swift rattling measures of a chorus some half-tipsy men near the stage joined in the rollicking refrain and glasses were pounded rhythmically upon the tables.
This stage was called a pageant, and the play which was acted on it was also in time called a pageant.
But we continually over-rate the perfection of the geological record, and falsely infer, because certain genera or families have not been found beneath a certain stage, that they did not exist before that stage.
On the stage the scenery was necessarily very simple.
Harlequin and Pulcinella were reciting on the stage and, as usual, they were threatening each other with sticks and blows.
Though we have properly enough entitled this our work, a history, and not a life; nor an apology for a life, as is more in fashion; yet we intend in it rather to pursue the method of those writers, who profess to disclose the revolutions of countries, than to imitate the painful and voluminous historian, who, to preserve the regularity of his series, thinks himself obliged to fill up as much paper with the detail of months and years in which nothing remarkable happened, as he employs upon those notable aeras when the greatest scenes have been transacted on the human stage.
But the object of most interest to Benjy, and of course to his pupil also, was the stage of rough planks some four feet high, which was being put up by the village carpenter for the back-swording and wrestling.