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But the staff of life for the Indian now, he said, is no longer the buffalo, it is education.
Kalo (taro), the staff of life for Polynesians, has proven to be remarkably versatile and adaptive to modern needs and tastes.
Carbonated beverages are the staff of life in the United States.
Maybe the idea that bread is the staff of life has something to do with it," McReynolds ventures, with a bemused shake of his head.
CERTAINLY the Earl of Sandwich would be appalled: Bread, known in some quarters as the staff of life, may be going the way of liverwurst, pigs' knuckles and New England boiled dinners - uncool and trending down.
Eager to combine her skills in photography with a growing social conscience, her partnership with Luce in 1936 provided just the outlet, and Bourke-White became one of four photographers on the staff of Life.
At the Riddings, near Atherstone, bread is the staff of life for Sutton Coldfield's Mick Phillips whose bread-only bait has brought him a string of recent successes at the north Warwickshire venue.
Water--not bread--should be The Staff of Life, and the citizens of Plaistow might strongly agree.
Together, they hold the Cadeusus, the jewel-encrusted staff of life that yoga master Shen carries everywhere.
This sort of stuff is the staff of life to newsletter editors.
While bread has been the staff of life for cultures in which the Judeo-Christian message began and developed, to Asians the bread of life is a foreign concept.