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any of the 5 horizontal marks comprising a staff

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The RF97 Autograph is the centerpiece for the new and evolved Pro Staff line, with the flagship graphics set to become the design inspiration for the Wilson line for years to come.
The Wilson Pro Staff line will feature rackets suited for a variety of attack-style players: from avid players to youth striving to improve their game.
The new releases of the Pro Staff line of Wilson tennis racquets offers players new levels of precision and response.
WOLF PACK: Players and back room staff line up for the 20004Warrington Wolves' team photo with head coach Paul Cullen (centre)
UP FOR CUP: Huddersfield New College staff line up before taking on the celebration tournament challenge
Right, a fresh-faced Mick Ord ready to take over the title of Master of the Dials at Radio Merseyside in 1996; OPENING DAY: Staff line up, left, on the roof of Commerce House in 1967.
ROY'S OWN STORY: Roy Essandoh with his favourite paper yesterday; SANCHEZ celebrates after watching the winner on TV; HAPPY WANDERERS: The jubilant Wycombe team and backroom staff line up after their memorable 2-1 victory over Leicester at Filbert Street
7 (WEJM/FM, Philadelphia) announces a complete air staff line up to debut on Wednesday, December 6th.
It keeps track of every page, staff system and staff line processed, regardless of whether the music is scored for ensemble, part or solo instruments.
ON THE RUN: Fabricom staff line up together ready for the start of the Leeds Half Marathon
Now employers have been warned that they face a mass exodus as hard-working staff line up to take their remaining 2010 holiday allocation.
Steve McClaren, his players and backroom staff line up at Rockliffe Park in the build-up to the big opening showdown with Liverpool.
READY TO GO: Liverpool's squad and coaching staff line up before pre-season training, which began at Melwood yesterday
GetInfo provides another alternative: altering the "Vertical" value of a treble clef from 0 to 20 moves the clef down a full staff line, converting it to a French violin clef.
The spacing of the staves on a page is always adapted for the individual piece, and is never quite the same on any two pages; the staff lines themselves, however, are always equidistant from one another and always perfectly parallel.