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a base or platform on which hay or corn is stacked

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Above, the Cleveland Tontine, at Staddle Bridge, Northallerton
Staddle stones were made out of different types of stone depending on the area they were made in.
Staddle Stones are mushroom-shaped granite stones used in the 18th and 19th Centuries to support corn or hay ricks, granaries, game larders and any other farm buildings.
From The Staddle Stones, a taxi took the group to a farmer's huge barn close to David's home in the nearby village of Uckington.
One could add another dozen kinds of this quasi-portable heritage that now seem to be at risk -- lamp posts, burial markers, staddle stones, horse troughs, querns, street signs, wrought-iron gates, mile-posts, mounting blocks, drinking fountains, benches, plaques.
Garden designers are spoilt for choice with an unusually large variety of staddle stones, currently a market favourite, troughs, seats, reeded lamp posts and, at the top of the market, a marble statue of Young Winter attributed to Emil Wolf at pounds 5,000-pounds 7,000.
There is permission to build a village house which will link with this picturesque, Grade ll listed building, still on its raised platform of staddle stones and set in about a third of an acre The granary has permission to be converted as an annexe to swell the living space beyond the three or four bedroom house, whose foundations are already in place.
Close by is the garaging and the separate granary, a picturesque outbuilding, set on staddle stones and providing upper floor storage with beams, vaulted ceiling, power and light.
There are mature trees to the boundary, staddle stones lining the driveway to the garaging and one of the two garage buildings is currently used as office space, served by a separate cloakroom.
The driveway, featuring a number of staddle stones, leads past the easterly side of the house and sweeps around to the front.
Focal points are arranged carefully around the garden: a statuette in the rock garden, a stone gremlin by a pebble pool and fountain, much loved by frogs and birds, and a staddle stone - a mushroom shaped stone once used to support a haystacks - in a shady corner among ferns and hostas.
The grains of corn would then be stored in barns supported on staddle stones (to keep the rats and mice at bay) and subsequently delivered to the mill finally to produce the flour.