stack up

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arrange into piles or stacks

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The worst case and root sum square methods of tolerance stack up are commonly used methods.
Timeline 2002 present Development of Pile Up type 2004 Reorganisation of Zapco Ltd development company 2006 Pile Up am Rhein, Rheinfelden, building of 24 residential and service units 2006 present Development of Stack Up type 2007 Pile Up Baarerstrasse, Zug, building of 30 residential and service units 2009 Pile Up Quellengarten, Rheinfelden, building of 18 residential and service units 2010 Pile Up am Neuhuserwald, Neuhausen am Rheinfall, building of 16 residential and service units 2011 Stack Up Quellengarten, Rheinfelden, building of 42 residential and service units
A study that recruited bipolar patients from psychiatric clinics in the United States and Canada now offers a rare look at how lithium and valproate stack up against placebos over the long haul.
The '60s spy spoof ``Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery'' was good for laughs, but how does Mike Myers stack up against his suave predecessors who saved the world from villains and looked like a million bucks in a tux?
I would say that analysts and options players stack up rather bullishly on a stock that seems to have fallen on hard times.