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someone employed in a stable to take care of the horses

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Standing at 6'10", the same physique that made 39-yearold Kristian the perfect choice for the powerful stableman Hodor also made him an awesome presence on stage.
A VETERAN stableman dubbed "Mr Aintree" will hang up his broom after his record-breaking 47th Grand National next month.
Ford became a stableman for the prison's second-in-command and was given more freedom than other prisoners to move about the prison.
Other strong supporting performances are provided here by actors in the roles of horseman Pancho Martin, stableman Eddie Sweat, and sportswriter Bill Nack.
Since weighting of older cattle represents a dangerous job for the stableman, the significant correlation between live weight and dimensions of the cattle has led many authors to study the possibility of estimating body weight from the dimensions of the cattle.
Yet luck seems to have eluded Orde because, in 1913, Horseshoe Restaurant became the property of Maude Miles and Orde now shared a room with Charles Cook, a stableman of the Beaver Transportation Company.
He is pictured with head stableman Philip Brittain and driver Jimmy Johnson
Kavanaugh, the postmaster, most of the Catholics worked in trades--a tin smith, a hotel manager and hotel keepers, a barber, carpenters, laborers, house painters, a clerk, domestics, a drayman, a music teacher, a brakeman, carriage painters, a dressmaker, a stableman, a stonemason, a photographer, tailors, a shoemaker, a railway master, a telegraph operator, several farmers, and the brewer.
Oyster Maid was partnered by soon-to-be five times champion jockey Willie Stott and Fairy Light was ridden by Mr Harrison's right hand stableman Tommy Duggan.
A woman of higher social status tries an experiment in social climbing as she undertakes to raise a stableman into her circle by teaching him about the Borgias.
VVHILLSTAR Sir Michael Stoute As well as watching it himself, Stoute has all his work videoed by his long-serving stableman Mick Blair for analysis over breakfast back at Freemason Lodge.
Johnny Murtagh, Yeats, stableman Goskuke Motoki and, at back, Aidan O'Brien
The photograph shows Mr Ford, who was the stableman at the time.
Hunter, who lives in South Africa but is currently on holiday in Britain, said: "Bill loved his horses and was a true old-fashioned stableman with all the right values.
I was born in 1933 in Porth, Rhondda, the son of a stableman.