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someone employed in a stable to take care of the horses

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From stableman with no material advantages to master of a major Newmarket yard, and all done in days when social and professional mobility were notably inflexible obstacles to overcome.
Standing at 6'10", the same physique that made 39-yearold Kristian the perfect choice for the powerful stableman Hodor also made him an awesome presence on stage.
They duly produce apparitions revealing Whetstone's assailants to be the offspring of a tutor, a stableman, and other people employed in house at the time of their respective conceptions.
A VETERAN stableman dubbed "Mr Aintree" will hang up his broom after his record-breaking 47th Grand National next month.
The first part is dedicated to the wife and mother, Emma, and introduces her background, her affair with the stableman Marco, and his death.
Ford became a stableman for the prison's second-in-command and was given more freedom than other prisoners to move about the prison.
Further, the history recounted in Genesis 1-11, or Adam to Babel, is repackaged as the stories of Mentu, an Egyptian stableman whom the young Moses befriends at the Pharaoh's palace.
113) "We have bigamy, murder, divorces," one seemingly overwhelmed reviewer reported, followed by "a lady whipping her stableman, criminal trials [and] horse-racing.
or "down east" maid or stableman is out of all harmony with their position in life; therefore it is in bad taste.
Other strong supporting performances are provided here by actors in the roles of horseman Pancho Martin, stableman Eddie Sweat, and sportswriter Bill Nack.
According to the d'iak's account, the monastery housed only a few inhabitants, namely Archimandrite Iona, the cellarer Iosif, a treasurer named Levanid, ten brothers, a stableman, a deacon, and a cowherd.
adapted) TABLE 2 Distribution of Occupations among Slaves Laurel Hill and Hagley Plantations, 1854 Occupation Laurel Hill Plantation Hagley Plantation Field Hand 115 61 Drivers 3 1 Carpenters 10 3 Coopers 4 1 Carters 1 1 Bricklayers 1 0 Coachman 0 2 Engineer 3 0 Mill Hands 2 0 Mill Watchman 6 0 Cook 5 5 House Servant 6 9 Animal Minder 9 0 Stableman 1 0 Trunk Minder 1 1 Source: Joyner [1984, pp.
Since weighting of older cattle represents a dangerous job for the stableman, the significant correlation between live weight and dimensions of the cattle has led many authors to study the possibility of estimating body weight from the dimensions of the cattle.
Yet luck seems to have eluded Orde because, in 1913, Horseshoe Restaurant became the property of Maude Miles and Orde now shared a room with Charles Cook, a stableman of the Beaver Transportation Company.
He is pictured with head stableman Philip Brittain and driver Jimmy Johnson