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one of two or more atoms with the same atomic number but with different numbers of neutrons

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Muscle tissue of abalone was used for stable isotope analyses after lipid extraction (Folch et al.
If the stable isotope data is accepted as showing a terrestrial based diet we need to ask other sorts of questions which may help us explore why the zooarchaeological and stable isotope data sets appear to be opposed: Who is eating all this marine food?
A number of field studies are available to the interested reader that demonstrate the powerful application of stable isotope analysis to distinguish between multiple sources of groundwater contamination within a plume by analyzing isotopic compositions from samples taken in the vicinity of suspected source zones.
Stable isotope and groundwater flow dynamics of agricultural irrigation recharge into groundwater resources of the Central Valley, California.
In this regard, measurements of light stable isotopes in carbon dioxide, methane, and other atmospheric trace gases provide a unique means to better understand their sources, fates, and contributions in biogeochemical cycles.
Analysis of food webs with natural abundance of stable isotope ratios compares the [[delta].
We developed a rapid and precise blood-spot method for Phe and Tyr determination using stable isotope dilution reversed-phase LC-MS.
The Use of Stable Isotope Techniques for Studying Mineral and Trace Element Metabolism in Humans
Stable isotope abundance measurements in Canada were initiated by Henry ('Harry') G.
204]Pb tracers substantiates the use of this stable isotope tracer method for the assessment of the effects of succimer on GI Pb absorption and body Pb retention.
Boros in collaboration with Roche, the glycogen synthase activator GSA3 was administered to DIO mice (75 mg/kg), along with a stable isotope (non-emitting) glucose tracer.
The radioisotope and stable isotope markets have been segmented according to the type of isotope, and applications.
Topics include using stable isotope tagging and mass spectrometry to characterize protein complexes and to detect changes in their composition, stable isotope labeling by amino acids in cell culture for quantitative proteomics, quantification of proteins and metabolites without isotopic labeling, an isotope coding strategy for proteomics involving both amine and carboxyl group labeling, tandem mass spectrometry in the detection of inborn errors of metabolism for newborn screening, computational analysis of quantitative proteomics data using stable isotope labeling, and quantitative proteomic analysis of phosphotyrosine-mediated cellular signaling networks.
The new measurement of neptunium-237, the artificial metal's most common and stable isotope, shows that it "is about as good a bomb material as U-235," comments Richard L.