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Synonyms for stabilizer

a chemical that is added to a solution or mixture or suspension to maintain it in a stable or unchanging state

a device for making something stable

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The company s CEO John Venables stated, These new stabilizers are a modern refinement of electric-powered stabilizers Naiad first developed for naval applications in 2008.
Calcium-tin and organo-calcium stabilizers are dominating in Western Europe especially.
Thermolite 350 and other customized organotin maleate stabilizers for calendered rigid PVC film/sheet where resistance to sulfide staining is required.
Stabilizers are ultimately about balance, but today's "active" stabilizers also absorb excess vibration and shot noise for better bowhunting.
The Shockbuster Stabilizer Combo is available in a distinctive camouflage pattern.
Leven discovered that by including a rubber piece - which is the actual Doinker - between the stabilizer and the end weight, the weight can act independently from the bow, dissipating vibration rather than sharing it with the bow.
Sb is a potent and cost-effective, but also controversial, pearlite stabilizer in gray irons.
The key players of PVC stabilizers include Pau Tai Industrial Corporation (Taiwan), AkzoNobel N.
Tenders are invited for Supply, delivery & installation of 15 KVA, 3ph, unbalanced input, servo control Voltage Stabilizer of P/H no-II under Chandpara W/S Scheme under EMD, PHE Dte.
ADVAPAK S-1201 "one-pack" multifunctional lubricating stabilizer recommended for high-output vinyl pipe production on twin-screw extruders.
Yes, a stabilizer is more than just an accessory that makes your compound bow look cool.
Ceresana Research anticipates that the Asia-Pacific region will continue to strongly influence the stabilizer market over the next years.
Mark 9301 is a low-phenol Ba/Zn stabilizer designed for excellent initial color hold and long-term heat stability in calendered wall-covering formulations;