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Synonyms for squirting

propelled violently in a usually narrow stream

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Director David Boyd said: "The scales are all individually made and there'll be a snake charmer character, riding it and squirting water.
A new study by French researchers looked into a physical reaction of women during ejaculation called squirting.
CCTV captured the yob making the threats and then squirting cleaning fluid in one shop worker's face and throwing items from the counter at another.
You behaved in a wholly unjustified way in shouting abuse towards the officer and then squirting at him diluted bleach.
Master of the Squirting Flower" is a collection of short stories from Bruce Adam.
Ahead of her were a gold-costumed Statue of Liberty and antique firetrucks carrying children squirting water guns.
I have seen them messing about with fireworks but to start squirting petrol into places and around doors is crazy.
I'm happy and proud that I can get Turkey in the record book, even if it's for milk squirting.
We have developed some excellent new brands including traditional cartons, Squirting Skulls and I'm a Celebrity Bushtucker.