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Synonyms for squirting

propelled violently in a usually narrow stream

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The attacker punched and kicked the man before squirting him in the eyes with an unknown substance, which may have permanently blinded him.
And when squirting it into the flight holes, watch it doesn't squirt back into your face out of another hole.
The shirtless attacker launched a verbal tirade at the victim before squirting the chemical in his face and running away.
CCTV captured the yob making the threats and then squirting cleaning fluid in one shop worker's face and throwing items from the counter at another.
Master of the Squirting Flower" is a collection of short stories from Bruce Adam.
Ahead of her were a gold-costumed Statue of Liberty and antique firetrucks carrying children squirting water guns.
I'm happy and proud that I can get Turkey in the record book, even if it's for milk squirting.
We have developed some excellent new brands including traditional cartons, Squirting Skulls and I'm a Celebrity Bushtucker.
READY: Mehmet prepares to start his record bid; AIM: He begins squirting the milk from his eye; FIRE: Mehmet squirts the milk across the room
For example, Becerra found, squirting Bursera lineages arose simultaneously with beeties whose larvae nip the high-pressure leaf channels and defuse them.