squirt gun

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plaything consisting of a toy pistol that squirts water

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In fact, we always thought a squirt gun would have worked better than that metal sprinkler-thing.
And I officially ended my love affair with Odd Jobs with the purchase of a $2 squirt gun.
Brad Pitt is pretty lethal with a super soaker squirt gun.
Until then, squirt gun science was a no-brainer: Pull a trigger and you force water in a chamber out through a narrow opening--the same principle at work in perfume bottles and household cleaners.
There's something for the kids, too--every child who comes to the lot gets a free squirt gun, even if their parents don't buy a car.
Once a week, a groomer provides on-site baths; and discipline is administered via squirt gun.
A pair of hitmen target the Miami home of a crooked businessman only to find the world and his wife have got there first, including an intellectually challenged pair of small-time tea-leafs, a boy with a squirt gun, a tramp up a tree, an illegal immigrant servant girl and a bufophobic dog.
Two assassins are hired to kill him but choose the same night that two students from his step-daughter's school are out to "kill" her with a squirt gun in a campus game.
Though they're eager to help, boys and girls can view their individual efforts as being akin to fighting a forest fire with a squirt gun.
Concerned that their findings might be influenced by popular culture, which often depicts gun-slingers as big and strong men, the team conducted two more studies using objects that did not seem to have a macho image - a kitchen knife, a paint brush and a large, brightly coloured toy squirt gun.
Comparing Altrient[TM] C to ordinary vitamin C is like comparing a fire hose to a squirt gun.
On her last night on the job, as each man popped a balloon, she shot him with red paint from a squirt gun.
Let's just say there's a lot one can do with a squid squirt gun.
Fill a squirt gun from a solution of a gallon of water and a drop of dish soap.