squirt gun

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plaything consisting of a toy pistol that squirts water

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The device is similar to a beefed-up squirt gun utilizing Mace's high-pressure, super-accurate propulsion system.
Replacing the squirt gun with a bigger, more powerful deluxe model, he returned the item to TEI, concluding "you might give this deluxe squirt gun to the next Assistant Secretary.
By using a camera that captures 250,000 frames per second, the researchers were able to watch how the fungus shoots out its spores like a miniature squirt gun.
We were going to call ourselves Squirt Gun Melee, which would have been pretty stupid.
Like a super squirt gun, the pressurized water shoots riders uphill.
Joe was a frequent speaker at mineral clubs, and humor was always a part of his presentations; once when he was giving a lecture at a mineral club meeting he pulled out a squirt gun and started shooting at one of the other professors in the audience, who also had a squirt gun and returned fire--it was quite funny at the time.
That's all true enough, but in my mind it's just as easy to load the ammo correctly and leave the squirt gun at home.
In fact, we always thought a squirt gun would have worked better than that metal sprinkler-thing.
And I officially ended my love affair with Odd Jobs with the purchase of a $2 squirt gun.
Until then, squirt gun science was a no-brainer: Pull a trigger and you force water in a chamber out through a narrow opening--the same principle at work in perfume bottles and household cleaners.
There's something for the kids, too--every child who comes to the lot gets a free squirt gun, even if their parents don't buy a car.
Once a week, a groomer provides on-site baths; and discipline is administered via squirt gun.
In the pocket of her shorts, she had a three-inch pocket knife, and her purse concealed a plastic multicolored squirt gun.
A pair of hitmen target the Miami home of a crooked businessman only to find the world and his wife have got there first, including an intellectually challenged pair of small-time tea-leafs, a boy with a squirt gun, a tramp up a tree, an illegal immigrant servant girl and a bufophobic dog.