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Effects of 17 beta-estradiol on levels and distribution of metallothionein and zinc in squirrelfish.
The 3 fish in this activity are the Hawaiian Squirrelfish (red and white stripes), the Bandit Angelfish (black and white), which is found only in Hawaii, and the Fantail File fish, which is native to Hawaii.
Other common taxa included juvenile hawksbill turtles, spiny lobster, yellow stingrays, squirrelfish, surgeonfish, trunkfish, barracudas, and black durgons (see Table 1 for scientific names).
Bring a light (for rent at dive shops) to peek into crevices and under ledges where skinny-legged shrimp and red squirrelfish hide.
Gags prefer structures with a bit of a break: ledges, wrecks and manmade reefs, and they'll best be taken on cigar minnows, live pinfish or squirrelfish.
Both fish will eat sardines and other dead baits, but anglers who take the time to catch a few dozen pinfish and/or squirrelfish will usually have an edge.
Squirrelfish V Holocentrus adscensionis Squirrelfish V T Holocentrus marianus Longjaw squirrelfish T Holocentrus rufus Longspine squirrelfish T Aulostomidae Aulostomas maculatus Trumpetfish V Serranidae Hypoplectrus sp.
If the water is murky or cloudy, a condition which usually persists for a few days after a bout of windy weather kicks up the seas, trolling will probably be ineffective and you should plan to anchor on the ledges and drop live pinfish or squirrelfish.
Unidentified needlefish 20 Tylosurus crocodilus Houndfish Holocentridae, Squirrelfishes 21 Holocentrus adscensionis Squirrelfish 22 Holocentrus spp.
Cut bait catches red grouper, but live pinfish or squirrelfish sometimes do a better job of sealing the deal on legal-size fish.
Aggressive gags will nail live pinfish, grunts, Spanish sardines, cigar minnows, squirrelfish and more, but frozen cut baits or fresh dead baits will also work.
4 Sea urchins Echinoid Palolo worms Eunice viridis Squirrelfish Holocentridae Snappers Lutjanus spp.