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The new fossil is reminiscent of Microraptor, a squirrel-sized gliding dinosaur known to have had long leg feathers to help it stay aloft.
The squirrel-sized monkeys live in the forest in Rio de Janeiro state - where less than two per cent of their habitat remains.
The squirrel-sized tamarin has been brought back from the brink of extinction through a global captive breeding effort, and is one of the few primates that have been successfully reintroduced to their natural environment.
This time it is a squirrel apparently shooting itself at a kitchen table, perhaps driven to suicide by the sink full of squirrel-sized washing up nearby.
Commonly called the Satere marmoset, the squirrel-sized creature sports an elegant coat of reddish fur.
The genome of a squirrel-sized, saucer-eyed lemur from Madagascar may help scientists understand how HIV-like viruses coevolved with primates, according to new research from the Stanford University School of Medicine.
While entertaining guests with their playful antics, these squirrel-sized monkeys will serve as animal ambassadors, educating students, teachers and families about the importance of habitat protection and endangered species management.
Four of the specimens apparently come from four different German-shepherd-sized, hairy creatures, and the other two come from squirrel-sized mammals, Schoch says.