squirrel away

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save up as for future use

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The survey of 2,000 UK adults revealed some odd locations in which people squirrel away money.
that allows customers to squirrel away cash payments toward a college savings plan.
Massive chunks of the nest egg my husband and I had taken great pains to squirrel away started evaporating.
This amount will increase by $1,000 each year until 2006, when older workers will be able to squirrel away an extra $5,000.
Reluctant to rely solely on precipitation for the replenishment of their water, many are seeking ways to squirrel away their liquid assets during years of plenty.
A UGMA account allows parents or other custodians to squirrel away money for minors and avoid a big tax bite from Uncle Sam.
Assuming that either NO new PEPs can be started after April 1999 or that there will be much tighter limits to the system, taxpayers with money to invest in shares should use the next 18 months to squirrel away as much as the rules allow during the rest of 1997-98 and in the 1998-99 tax year.
You learn how you can literally squirrel away most of what you make to develop an income-producing nest egg.
Olympus has been pilfering, That a builder has been guilty of shoddy construction On a bridge that spans a river in heaven, Cutting corners to squirrel away his fortune For a better day, when the great day has already come.
And some people squirrel away container of Haagen-Dazs in their freezers (for special occasions, naturally).
Put bulbs in play to keep squirrel away 6 How can I stop squirrels digging up my bulbs?
That is a lot of money for a private firm to squirrel away from charitable donations, I think.
Enjoy youth's wonders Before old age plunders Squirrel away memories for future reference To ponder on with awed reverence To have been so young And had so much fun For behind these old rheumy eyes The young girl still flies And twirls and whirls Always to be that very young girl.
However, people in Wales manage to squirrel away on average pounds 253 a month.
James Wright, marketing director of Principality Building Society, said: "Saving in a cash Isa with its ongoing tax-free benefits makes a lot of sense and the increased annual limit offers committed savers even more incentive to squirrel away their cash.