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Synonyms for squirm

feel uncomfortable


Synonyms for squirm

to move or proceed with short irregular motions up and down or from side to side

to twist and turn, as in pain, struggle, or embarrassment

Synonyms for squirm

the act of wiggling

to move in a twisting or contorted motion, (especially when struggling)

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Still, it was nice to see The nbetweeners cast squirm a little when Alan said: "The last time you were on here, you were dead against doing another film.
At sporting events when it is played, British athletes squirm and stare at the floor, while footballers look as if they want the ground to open up and swallow them.
At sporting events when it is played, British athletes squirm and stare at the floor, whilst footballers look as if they want the ground to open up and swallow them.
This is not only relatively expensive to do in mass production, but in a walnut-stocked rifle tends to create problems when the wood inevitably starts to squirm.
There looked little danger when midfielder Juan Arango fired in a long-range free-kick in 22 minutes but Aouate misjudged the bounce to allow the ball to squirm under his body.
com features videos of common squirms caused by uncomfortable undies, such as the "Bus Change" squirm which involves burrowing your hands into your front pockets pretending to dig for change while fixing underwear that is bunching or creeping.
Seventh-grade teacher Jill Myers may have been game to smooch a pig as part of a fundraiser at Lincoln Middle School in Cottage Grove, but the pig wanted no part in it and proceeded to squirm, squeal and protest loudly.
Oh, it took Satan's own effort/to squirm free and bury him.
Most companies would squirm at the thought of stepping up to the plate for such big project within such a rigid time frame," said Harvard President Stan Doobin.
Religious fundamentalists who want to believe the story of Noah's ark as it is written in the Bible will squirm at McCaughrean's treatment; but the questions raised, as Timna struggles to understand the disaster happening all around her, trying to reconcile it with her saintly father's certainty that he knows the will of God, are valid questions, which only reflect her intelligence and righteousness.
If the Democrats forgo the pleasure of watching Dubya squirm under the lights, the entire formidable Republican campaign machine, with all its resources, would be in the position of having to run on Bush's record.
Let someone else squirm or lie as they explain to Grandma and to our young nieces and nephews why our chairs sit empty.
I have to admit I took some delight last fall in watching CNN's Anderson Cooper squirm a bit--choosing his words ever so carefully so as not to condemn his media colleagues (and bosses)--when Realtime's Bill Maher asked if all the hair-flailing, hip-booted media coverage of Katrina might mean "we got our press corps back.
Where Tacitus draws a curtain of discretion over the baser acts of his subjects, Suetonius unstintingly describes perversities that would make even some modern pornographers squirm with unease.
Until we adult Catholics re-examine the Eucharist for children, children will always squirm.