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Synonyms for squinty

marked by or affected with a squint

Synonyms for squinty

(used especially of glances) directed to one side with or as if with doubt or suspicion or envy

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The route runs from Glasgow city centre to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital via the Broomielaw, Squinty Bridge and Govan Road.
Comedian Michael Ian Black tweeted about a squinty Zellwegger, "Do you guys remember when Renee Zellweger had eyes?
Finally - and this one really is important - DON'T leave your computer logged on and unattended after Prince Philip has been at the Dubonnet, particularly if he has met anyone foreign, disabled, short, squinty, socialist or female in the previous 48 hours.
As a short-sighted, squinty youth, I wore a pair of brown NHS specs, which some of my school contemporaries led me to believe were less than fashionable and therefore diminished me somewhat in their (perfect) eyes.
Like that fella who always plays the redneck sheriff with the squinty eyes in straight-to video-nonsense.
POOR little scaredy cat Squinty was so frightened of people that it seemed she would never find a home of her own.
High Times, that canon of squinty eyes and uncontrollable giggling, has finally recognized our sports' finest among its ranks with a story on "Extreme Stoners" and a Stacy Peralta/Tony Alva interview in its latest issue.
But while they tend to describe Handgun Control's Sarah Brady in positive terms like indefatigable, effective, and courteous, they use words like portly, sweaty, and squinty for NRA officials.
Jane, was a skinny, squinty kid who loved to play truant from school.
GLASGOW'S iconic squinty bridge was at the centre of traffic chaos yesterday.
Queues have been forming at each end of Glasgow's Squinty Bridge, even though construction work at the spot has long been completed.
According to the immunocompetence handicap hypothesis, macho features like a strong jaw and squinty eyes advertise that a guy possesses high testosterone but since high levels of this masculinizing hormone interfere with the immune system, the theory goes, macho men must be extra-fit to withstand the handicap their extra testosterone confers.
Never bet with a guy you met on the first tee who has a deep tan, a one-iron in his bag and squinty eyes.
June 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Transitions Optical celebrated the first day of summer by declaring June 21st the "First Official Day to Live Life Less Squinty," challenging consumers to pledge to wear eyewear that will help improve the quality of vision by protecting the eyes from bright light and glare and reducing the need to squint, and also by scheduling regular, comprehensive eye exams with the eye doctor.