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Synonyms for squint-eyed

marked by or affected with a squint

Synonyms for squint-eyed

(used especially of glances) directed to one side with or as if with doubt or suspicion or envy

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As a journalist, I regularly negotiate the phalanx of security contraptions and squint-eyed officers posted at the entrance to every public building in Los Angeles.
The world's cartoonists, impressionists and satirists were hoping as well, for smirking, squint-eyed Dubya was a godsend.
He's the bald chap with the huge walrus moustache who the boys were always upsetting in some way, and famous for his double take and squint-eyed slow burn.
But they are lazy, squint-eyed individuals with (ha-ha) bow legs and, in order to keep them working, you have to build a gallows outside their workplace.
The Barney who emerges from the painstaking descriptions of his process, the how and why of electing one reading over another, is an extremely learned, usually gracious, occasionally squint-eyed seeker after truth about a text and a poem which matter to him very much.