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wavy and twisting

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BUBBLE TROUBLE Foaming mass bubbles up through riverbank at Squiggly Bridge
Nowadays they are disposable and instead of a row of pens making squiggly lines on paper, it is all computerised and there is so much more we can do with the data we capture.
If some of the squiggly interlocking polymers of fabric in Lindsay Degen's line of knits, DEGEN, look a bit like the products of a high school biology experiment, it's no mistake.
The squiggly, unreadable signature (above) of Jack Lew, the new Treasury Secretary, will appear on the lower-right corner of all newly printed money.
30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Ticketmaster, a Live Nation Entertainment company (NYSE: LYV), is beginning the process of upgrading the hard to read squiggly lines with new, friendlier, easier to use solutions provided on their mobile Ticketmaster Apps and online.
These squiggly squares often referred to as "Quick Response Codes" or "Microsoft Tags" are now being used daily in nearly all types of transactions and are inherently adaptable to a wide variety of known and undiscovered applications.
It looked absolutely disgusting, you could see all these squiggly lines.
99), budding artists can roll out shapes and funky patterns, such as bricks, petals, diamonds, or squiggly or straight strips.
Hipp Organic is increasing its Little Nibbles offering, incorporating new Fruit Bars with Cereal and Squiggly Corn Puffs into the snack range.
The squiggly, shadowy structures evoke aerial views of a burnt landscape--like newspaper images of some war-torn country.
She scowls at me and flicks a piece of paper across the table with a mystifying series of numbers and squiggly shapes on it.
Drawing the fabric consists of drawing an interesting "moving" line from the left side of the paper to the right, and then drawing squiggly lines within the fabric to represent the folds and creases.
Over the pool itself, shade is provided by a squiggly cloud of white canvas threaded through with tensile wires.
He could see squiggly arms and legs as Frogs passed him.
1 big fat toad, 2 boxes of black spider eggs, 3 jars of squashed bumble bees, 4 cans of wriggly squiggly worms .