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Synonyms for squiggle

to move or proceed with short irregular motions up and down or from side to side

Synonyms for squiggle

a short twisting line


Related Words

an illegible scrawl

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TIO Squiggle provides a new way to interact with devices by registering when the user's finger crosses a line segment or curve.
Exchange squiggles as before, but this time each player puts his or her pen tip on one end of the squiggle line.
Rather than spare this horse the infamous squiggle, I would be more inclined to replace it with a snake in bold print, as he is still the most talented dodgepot in horseracing if you ask me.
The piezo motor driver and position encoder are combined with miniature SQUIGGLE motors, supplied by New Scale Technologies, creating the smallest, most efficient and highest resolution motion controls systems in the world for products such as mobile phones, digital cameras, portable medical devices, and aerospace applications.
Solicitor Peter Wishlade said that it was astonishing that they paid out on a squiggle instead of a proper signature.
Draw a squiggle, doodle, pattern or shape anywhere on the paper, making sure that a fair amount of room is left elsewhere on the page.
According to George Kovacs, lighting merchants and bed and bath chains expressed great interest in the collection, especially the Squiggle Lamp, which features a bulb and shade that move up and down along the two posts that form the base.
Featuring extended user memory and security enhancements, the new Higgs-3 IC is now available in two new inlays: the ALN-9640 Squiggle and the ALN-9662 Squiggle-SH.
IRVING, Texas, April 27, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Hostess, creator of The Original Squiggle and baker of America's most iconic snack cakes, is raising the flavor stakes this month with the help of their recently launched Strawberry CupCakes.
I have heard of other artists working with Biro but no one that uses the squiggle technique of mine.
After about an hour of searching, they spied a moving squiggle.
HIS last great hurrah before he turned into a mad squiggle, Prince was at his height in 1987 when he made this concert film documenting his tour of the album.
To the left of two horizontal lines of white neon tubing is, in the same medium, an expressionistic squiggle of red.
Now that we've got a contest confined to greys, how about the Timeform Squiggle Stakes?
creator of boundaries'), and a fourth character which takes the form of an obscure unpronounceable squiggle, representing 'a creature existing and inhabiting the text .