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HAVE A HANG-UNDER A great New Year's Eve doesn't have to mean you start the year in a darkened room feeling squiffy.
Then they get squiffy on champagne and rose wine, fortify themselves with cocktail sausages and decamp to the enclosures, leaving the whole lot out in plain view, safe in the knowledge that pilfering is just not cricket.
Sharp was enough of a draw for me, frankly, what with the prospect of plenty of his trademark sleazy cheese--and he didn't disappoint, kicking off with the 80s classic "every hole's a goal" before getting squiffy on Buck's Fizz (he's teetotal), staring intently at Powell's boobs and thoughtfully inquiring: "Jenny, do you want me to squeeze your lemon?
I admit I was a bit squiffy while packing my suitcase the night before going away, which is possibly why I got back from our trip and discovered the box wasn't in my hiding place.
The Magic Man If you go out and about on the town getting squiffy, Look out for a local magician by the name of Cliffy, You will recognise him no doubt about that, He performs card tricks and he wears a hat.
Part of the joke is that here is Johnny Depp, one of the most beautiful men in the world, and the girls find his man servant, who has a squiffy eye and scars all over his head, irresistible.
This half-hour one-off is so busy showing us the hosts and their guest getting squiffy it forgot to explain that this wasn't just some hilariously random match-up.
This half-hour one-off is so busy showing the hosts and their guest getting squiffy it forgot to explain that this wasn't just some hilariously random match-up.
GAZETTE writer Anthony Vickers takes a look at the biggest talking points of the match: AS a slightly squiffy Delia Smith once said:"This is a message for the best supporters in the world.
I was about to say that during the summer I flutter from pub to pub like a squiffy butterfly, but that's not actually true - the ghost of my pre-kids self can still be seen wafting around the beer gardens of north London, glugging chardonnay and thinking she's hilaaaaarious, but these days my summer fun is largely confined to my back garden, the kids and the sprinkler.
Unfortunately, the troops were a little bit squiffy when the rules were being explained and didn't grasp the skill aspect of the throwing.
Millionaire dads like David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne think it's a bit squiffy that chaps like them get child benefit when, frankly, it is already jolly hard spending all the money they've got without getting another cheque courtesy of the UK taxpayer.
I didn't have time to learn the lines so I wrote them on the back of a brandy bottle and played a completely squiffy fairy," she says.
This is racing doing its altruistic thing, raising money for a good cause by getting a motley bunch of jockeys, trainers, bookmakers, hard-core punters and hacks together in the same room, encouraging them to argue violently among themselves and getting them so squiffy that they put lots of banknotes (used, non-sequential) in envelopes.
Major- General Sir Guy Salisbury-Jones - or Sir Squiffy, to the boys - planted a monster vineyard down in Hampshire and, at last, the nation was re-plonkified.