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a usually brief detail of news or information

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firework consisting of a tube filled with powder (as a broken firecracker) that burns with a fizzing noise

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Its compact size and special installation and retention features make the squib connector the right product for driver, passenger and side-impact airbags, as well as other pyrotechnic-initiated devices such as seat belt pretensioners, said Roy Burton, president of Thomas & Betts Electronics OEM Group.
ALL the sales seem to start early now, making the traditional Boxing Day sales a damp SQUIB
Again, I was expecting much, but it was another damp squib.
If there were any damp squibs in evidence, it can only apply to those who love putting a damper on communities coming together to celebrate a once-in-alifetime experience.
Standard is configured for cost-effective frontal crash protection with one to four squib outputs and no satellite interfaces.
While performing engine squib serial number verification on an aircraft, TSgt Oakes discovered the number three engine strut forward fire bottle squib and aft squib were installed in the incorrect positions.
6 /PRNewswire/ -- Westinghouse Electric Company LLC announced today that it has successfully completed the Final Design Review of the AP1000(TM) squib valves.
I'd just ask all the people of Dudley to stay away so it becomes a damp squib.
TODAY'S Community Shield could well turn out to be the usual damp squib, with both United and Chelsea keeping their cards close to their chests.
com Gwynedd League title celebrations turned into a damp squib as they lost 3-0 at home to Bontnewydd in their final game at Cae Clyd.
A squib is an explosive device once used to ignite gunpowder in cannons.
Three weeksin and Robson Green's latest effort - about a widower who wants to build a rocket to blast his wife's ashes into space - is proving to be a damp squib.
Most of the time, the Falcons squib the opening kickoff, rotate punting duties between four different players and cross their fingers on extra-point attempts.
While Morgentaler himself undeniably has his ghoulish acolytes, as charismatic figureheads go, he's a pretty damp squib, lacking both charm and eloquence, and given to blurting poisonous, insupportable, and self-promoting bromides about how much his work as a foetus liquidator has driven down crime rates in contemporary Canadian society.
With a right- footed kicker, we will rep several ones (onside), two's (surprise onside), and sixes (a hard squib down the hash).