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It features the same ingredients of virtuoso guitar licks, Latin-flavored rhythms, easygoing pop tunes, and sweet fraternal harmony vocals, with the addition of occasional horns and a squeeze box.
I used to see him playing the squeeze box and think: 'How can I tell him.
The Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band, with its fiddle and squeeze box and lyrics all in French, was a crowd-pleasing warm-up act.
Margaret played her squeeze box in the street and there were crowds of people dancing, singing, laughing and crying.
It is 36 years since she won TV talent show Opportunity Knocks - when she was sandwiched between a man singing You Are My Heart's Desire and a woman who played the squeeze box.
Holt also sees no reason why his klezmer accordion can't squeeze box its way into any given composition.
The musicians play hurdy gurdy (a fiddle), jazz bass, guitar, squeeze box.
Slight preference is given to Squeeze Box, who has more experience over fences than many of her rivals and is quite capable of out-pointing Silver Monument from Ian Stark's yard.
The mixture of carols, traditional songs, spoken word, humorous readings and dance - okay it was Simon Care's take on how to serve up morris while playing a squeeze box - was quite simply stunning.
In her second appearance at the venue Jo played without her band, preferring to rely on her voice, acoustic guitar and an array of other instruments including a flute, harp, squeeze box and even a toy piano.
Better suited to moving among society's gypsies and foreigners than a violin or piano, Proulx's squeeze box helps her capture the distinctive urban, ethnic, and down-home flavors of those who have not yet melted into the suburban blender.
Perhaps the best of all reasons to be there is the inclusion of a concerto for a Germaninvented accordion-like squeeze box, the Bandoneon, which uncannily, after 1900, became the signature instrument of the tango.
30pm Open Maiden Race: 1, JUST JED (G Crow) 3-1; 2, Quonarose (T Davidson) 4-1; 3, Squeeze Box (Miss C Metcalfe) 4-5 fav; 8 ran, sh hd, 1.
Anyway, I suppose I can just about stomach the knighthood for Sir Shand - even if we should celebrate his honour by ceremoniously cremating every squeeze box in Bonny Scotchland.