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Synonyms for squeezable

capable of being easily compressed


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Daisy Sour Cream in the new flexible pouch squeezable package is now available in all 50 U.
MACtac MP880 can be used with clear and white squeezable films and clear, white and chrome polypropylene products.
Honey is traditionally packed in glass jars closed with aluminium twist-off closures as well as in squeezable PET bottles using FlipTop closures with silicone valves.
The squeezable tube allows you to control the amount of mascara on the brush by squeezing more or less as you remove it.
com Now available in the UK after being something of a 'hit' in the US, comes a new thing for mascaras, the squeezable tube allows you to control the amount of mascara on the brush by squeezing more or less as you remove it.
Borealis' first polypropylene (PP) grade for squeezable cosmetics tubes, Borsoft SL600M0, is the material innovation behind a sustainability-focused packaging solution for the cosmetics sector called 'Clube'.
The new travel product is made from squeezable BPA-free silicone material and feature easy-to-fill wide-mouth bottle openings that are available in 1.
Squeeze-Z-Hummus is the first hummus to come in a convenient inverted squeezable plastic bottle, similar to other modern condiment containers.
It looks like a note, has a squeezable head, a playable neck and a voice like a Stylophone gone bonkers.
Fruit Snack is packaged in a squeezable fruit pouch, similar to Ella's Kitchen's Smoothie Fruits, and is made with 100% real fruit.
Jolly Llama, a new manufacturer of superpremium frozen novelties has introduced Jolly Llama Squeezable Whole Fruit Sorbets, a line of individually-packaged squeeze tube sorbets in four flavors-blueberry, acai, strawberry, and mango.
The case packer loads cartons, bundles, pouches, squeezable tubes, etc.
OBALL is a safe, squeezable sphere with holes for easy grasping.
Magic Shell S'mores topping combines chocolate topping with crunchy graham cracker bits and toasted marshmallow flavor in a squeezable container to remind of camping bonfires.
Tennant told BBC3's Doctor Who Confidential: "The Ood heads are so squeezable, you just want to bite them.