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the property of being able to occupy less space

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Comparison of Green Sand Additives Product Sand Family Properties Cereal/Starches improved squeezability, reduced brittleness Polymer or improved wettability of liquid additives molding sand, bond reduction, improved mulling Treated organic bond reduction, emission materials/Inorganic reduction, improved salt flowability, seacoal reduction Treated organic source of volatiles, lustrous carbons, materials/Polymer etc.
Robust and clear, the conformability and squeezability of Label-Lyte 52LLC210 film enables brand owners to enhance point-of-sale impact, encouraging consumer "pick-up.
The Hercules bottle from RPC Corby has a distinctive, curved shape and sits upside-down for ease of squeezability.
The edible oil conversion occurred in all sizes, without safety or squeezability as driving forces, and was made by market leader P&G while PVC was still under a regulatory cloud.
5 mil White Techni-Flex Polyoletin is a matte white label film that offers moisture resistance, chemical, and smudge resistance, as well as dimensional stability and squeezability.
The 268ml container is manufactured in high-clarity copolymer polypropylene for ease of squeezability and high visibility.
BM350 SG is reportedly also glossier than other MDPEs and does not need any blending to obtain the right squeezability.
Brand owners can benefit by working with a product that is known for its no-label look, showcasing colorful graphics and lettering, while providing conformability and squeezability
This resists the vacuum force on the walls after hot filling and enhances grip and squeezability.
This in turn gave Nestle the time to carry out testing on a number of different bottle weights to determine the best squeezability for dispensing the products.
Introducing Raflex Plus, a thin, top-coated film that offers excellent conformability and squeezability characteristics.
The layer ratio changes from 90% HDPE in the neck, which requires stiffness to withstand capping, to 90% mLLDPE in the body, which makes it soft for squeezability and crushability when empty.